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We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the April contest (in alphabetical order).

1. "Stoyan", by Roberto Ruiz Céspedes (Spain)
2. "The Paradise Motel", by Walter Hochbrueckner (USA)

1. "Black Constellation", by Jaime Urquiza (Mexico)
2. "Everything I could", by Ben Cable (USA)
3. "Metamorphosis", by Greta Di Raimondo (Italy)
4. "Seventeen", by Amira Kopeyeva (Kazakhstan)

1. "First Impression", by Daria Tuca (UK)
2. "The Printer", by Zachary Krueger (USA)

1. "A Heart For The Heartless", by Margaux Verissimo (France)
2. "Kiss - Future of a generation", by Tony Morgan, Roberta Arnone, Jacopo Dotti, Fabio Finazzi (Italy)

1. "Hanging Buddy", by John R. Kestner (USA)
1. "Chest", by Aaron Irons (USA)
2. "Seasoning of the Soul", by Charli Brown (USA)

1. "Caught in the middle", by Ajayi Osahon (USA)
2. "Placebo effect", by Arthur Moric (Brazil)

1. "Skat", by Michael Boston (USA)

1. "Self Quarantined", by Keith B. Plummer (USA)
2. "Starship Troopers Deadlock", by Steffen Werner (Germany)

1. "Noise", by Victoria G. (USA)

1. "Bite the Bullet", by Mousa Ghodratifard (Canada)

1. "Deleted", by Ken Ng (Singapore)

1. "Bigfoot? Bigger Men!", by Carter Schaeffer (USA)
2. "Casanoir", by John Schindler (USA)
3. "Mustache Club", by Devin Calderone (USA)

1. "Blood Dust", by Batya G. Cruz (USA)

1. "Kumaru", by Bruno Maravilha, Patrícia Santos, Tânia Teixeira (Portugal)

1. "Digital for Humanity", by Alessandro Maso, Raffaele Petrigliano (Italy)

1. "Invisible Children of LA", by Maryana Palmer (USA)

1. "Refugees", by Deluxion Mohan (USA)

1. "Dear God", by Cathy Allen (Australia)
2. "Over her", by Lina Åström (Sweden)
3. "Terrona Publisher", by Antonio Esposito (Italy)

1. "A feast that never comes", by Maria Juranic (USA)
2. "Remain", by Maria Mancini (Italy)

1. "Khora", by Nalan Abbasoğlu (Turkey)
2. "Omega", by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

1. "A feast that never comes", by Maria Juranic (USA)
2. "Starship Troopers Deadlock", by Steffen Werner (Germany)

1. "No More Mr. Nice Guy", by Becky Doyon (USA)
2. "Promises", by James Naleski (Ukraine)

1. Rachel Morgan, Sven Britt, Maria Juranic for "A feast that never comes" (USA)
2. Isabel Scott Ingram for "Casanoir" (USA)
3. Geping Zheng for "Deleted" (USA)
4. Nureddin Buğra Aközek for "Khora" (Turkey)
5. Steffen Werner for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
6. Miguel Ángel Poveda Criado, Carlos Mestanza, Susana Hornos for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Maria Juranic for "A feast that never comes" (USA)
2. Gabriel Da Silva for "Alone" (Switzerland)
3. John Schindler for "Casanoir" (USA)
4. Ken Ng for "Deleted" (Singapore)
5. Steffen Werner for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
6. Roberto Ruiz Céspedes for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Margaux Verissimo for "A heart for the heartless" (France)
2. Aaron Irons for "Chest" (USA)
3. Qi Guan for "Flee" (Republic of Korea)
4. Victoria G. for "Noise" (USA)
5. Arthur Moric for "Placebo effect" (Brazil)
6. Charli Brown for "Seasoning of the Soul" (USA)
7. Amira Kopeyeva for "Seventeen" (Kazakhstan)

1. Claudio Schwendener for "Alone" (France)
2. Jonathan Geffner for "Casanoir" (USA)
3. Ben Cable for "Everything I could" (USA)
4. Michael Boston for "Skat" (USA)
5. Tristán Ulloa for "Stoyan" (Spain)
6. Scotty Stahl for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
7. Mel Novak for "The Paradise Motel" (USA)
8. Zachary Krueger for "The Printer" (USA)

1. Batya G. Cruz for "Blood Dust" (USA)
2. Paola Rodrigues for "Placebo effect" (Brazil)
3. Shannan Leigh Yancsurak for "Skat" (USA)
4. Phelan A. Davion for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
5. Marta Milans for "Stoyan" (Spain)
6. Dawna Lee Heising for "The Paradise Motel" (USA)

1. Marty Lindsey for "Blood Dust" (USA)
2. Marcus Hensley for "Dear God" (Australia)
3. Vincent Ng for "Deleted" (Singapore)
4. Carlos Mestanza for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Pam Renall for "Blood Dust" (USA)
2. Larissa Drobychevskaja for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
3. Paulina Gálvez for "Stoyan" (Spain)
4. Tatiana Burcan for "What lies ahead" (Spain)

1. Max Ulloa for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Piraye Vera Göztaş for "Khora" (Turkey)
2. Chloe Palaveev for "Stoyan" (Spain)
3. Gala Bichir for "What lies ahead" (Spain)

1. Eman Elsweisy, Jason C. Campbell for "Caught in the middle" (USA)
2. Ben Cable, Sierra Nowak for "Everything I could" (USA)
3. Marta Milans, Marta Milans for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. John Raffles Durbin, Kayla Farrish, Nico Li, Paul Vickers for "A feast that never comes" (USA)
2. Jasson Cring, Sarah Van Arsdal, Marissa Kaye, Ted Welch, Dean Shortland, Josh Croft, Jessejames Locorriere for "Chest" (USA)
3. Nikolas Savvides, Jamie Sordyl, Naoimh Morgan, Rosina Williams, Joey Maragakis for "First Impression" (UK)
4. Jack Zullo, Matt C. Jones, Lauren Simon, Josh Margulies, G. Smokey Campbell for "Mustache Club" (USA)
5. Scotty Stahl, Phelan A. Davion, Anna Dönitz, Larissa Drobychevskaja, Christoph Werner, Richard Becker for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)

1. Diego Franco for "Black Constellation" (Mexico)
2. Jack Chen for "Deleted" (Singapore)
3. Kadir Yücel for "Khora" (Turkey)
4. Kenneth Oribe for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Lauren Josephine, Maria Juranic, Sven Britt for "A feast that never comes" (USA)
2. Joel Wilson for "Dear God" (Australia)
3. Jim Martin for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
4. Paul Mateos Verdejo for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Chuck Rockford for "Skat" (USA)
2. David Mantecón for "Stoyan" (Spain)
3. Graham Zima for "The Printer" (USA)

1. Maria Juranic for "A feast that never comes" (USA)
2. James Naleski, Azara Christienne for "Promises" (Ukraine)
3. Velda Tomova for "Refugees" (USA)
4. Zack Bower for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)
5. Stefano Gargiulo for "The Loot" (Italy)

1. "Raveena’s Revenge", by Joe Boi (USA)
2. "Rescue Heart", by Tane McClure (USA)
3. "Rise of the Accenniri", by Charli Brown (USA)
4. "The Firehouse", by Tony Germinario, Greg McLaughlin (USA)
5. "You found me", by Ben Sarro (USA)

1. Wee Meng Hee for "Deleted" (Singapore)
2. Keith B. Plummer for "Self Quarantined" (USA)
3. Steffen Werner for "Starship Troopers Deadlock" (Germany)

1. Samantha Mileski for "Seasoning of the Soul" (USA)

1. Batya G. Cruz, Pam Renall for "Blood Dust" (USA)
2. Carol Chong for "Deleted" (Singapore)

1. Odilis Trinidad for "Casanoir" (USA)
2. Momoko for "Deleted" (Singapore)
3. Natividad Bujalance Andres for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Rafael Guimarães for "Placebo effect" (Brazil)
2. Ralitsa Roth for "Stoyan" (Spain)

1. Batya G. Cruz for "Blood Dust" (USA)
2. Keng Boon Lim for "Deleted" (Singapore)
3. Hüseyin Akgül, Serhat Akpinar for "Khora" (Turkey)
4. Michael Boston for "Skat" (USA)

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