Saturday, March 06, 2021


We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the February contest (in alphabetical order).

1. "Neon", by Aaron Parpart (USA

1. "63/65", by Nguyen Jean-Christophe (France)
2. "Non scordarti di me", by Frank Mancuso (USA)
3. "The heart has no boundaries - Il cuore non ha confini", by Paolo Milocco (Italy)

1. "Matty Boy", by Dr Shahid Kamal (UK)
2. "Student Fitness", by Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva (Russia)

1. "Aquatic Bird", by Nan Zhang (China)
1. "Deep Hours", by Luciano Ivanov (Bulgaria)

1. "Sirin", by John Cheney (USA)

1. "Quest for Feilong", by Gianluca Di Stefano (Italy)

1. "13 Scatti", by Leonardo Barone (Italy)

1. "Severed Ties", by Frank Mancuso (USA)
2. "The Buzzer", by Paolo Iavarone (Italy)

1. "Lightfall", by Hermann Kayode (Benin)
2. "On / Off", by Nicolas P. Villarreal (Argentina)

1. "Final Words of WWII", by Kevin McAfee (USA)
2. "Rigors", by Yannis Bletas (Greece)

1. "The dark side of green energies", by Jean-Louis PĂ©rez, Guillaume Pitron (French Southern Territories)
2. "The Himba", by Ebru Cakirkaya (Turkey)
3. "Via Alpina", by Guillaume Arthus (France)

1. "Flushing", by Sihan Cui (USA)

1. "Road", by Simone Albano (Italy)

1. "Correspondence", by Valerio Lucantoni (Italy)
2. "George Floyd: say their names", by Christopher R. Owens, Alyssa Dann (USA)

1. "Stages", by Camille DeBiase (USA)

1. "Neon", by Aaron Parpart (USA)

1. "Nona's Peppers", by Paul Gatto (Canada)

1. Samir Srivastava for "Matty Boy" (UK)
2. Arjun Yadav for "Morning" (USA)

1. John Cheney for "Sirin" (USA)
2. Maurizio Nardi for "Un giorno per volta" (Italy)

1. Nan Zhang for "Aquatic Bird" (China)
2. Paolo Iavarone for "The Buzzer" (Italy)

1. Vincent De Paul for "Matty Boy" (UK)

1. Jessica Sharples for "Jen, 28" (USA)
2. Andrea Adamson for "Sirin" (USA)

1. Bobby Slaski for "Jen, 28" (USA)
1. Debora Ostieri for "Debora Ostieri monologo La casa de papel showreel" (Italy)
2. Aliie Davis for "Morning" (USA)

1. Visar Kasa for "Fair Play" (Germany) 

1. Sofia Giuntini for "13 Scatti" (Italy) 

1. Daria Bondarenko, Yana Derlish for "Student Fitness" (Russia)

1. "Fair Play", by Besnik Prekazi (Germany)

1. Austin Farmer for "Sirin" (USA) 

1. Tom Gambale for "Stages" (USA)
2. Maurizio Baglivo for "Un giorno per volta" (Italy)

1. Hristo Dobrev for "Deep Hours" (Bulgaria)
2. Tom Gambale for "Stages" (USA)

1. "George Floyd: say their names", by Christopher R. Owens, Alyssa Dann (USA)
2. Marden Pond for "Sirin" (USA)

1. "Face Painters", by Giovanni Sanseviero (USA)
2. "Sirin", by John Cheney (USA)

1. Sam Lazarus, Nicolas P. Villarreal for "On / Off" (Argentina)

1. Giovanna Rizzo for "Quest for Feilong" (USA) 

1. Belen Mateo, Chloe Santiago, Angele Hersant for "Matty Boy" (UK)

1. Claudio Amendola for "Un giorno per volta" (Italy)
2. "Blood", by Sahar Mirzaeianfar (Iran)

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