Saturday, October 03, 2020


We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the September contest (in alphabetical order).

1. "Mambo Man", by Mo Fini, Edesio Alejandro (Cuba)

1. "Dimmi chi sono", by Luca Caserta (Italy)
2. "Paath (The Lesson)", by Karan Singh Rathore (India)

1. "Brazzy Jazzy", by Steven Becker (USA)
2. "The Gliwensbourg Chronicles", by Emilie Tommasi (France)

1. "Black Silence (The Last Night)", by Luca Tassone (Italy)
2. "Confessions", by Ernest Serrano (USA)

1. "The Flower People", by Charles A. Christman III (USA)
2. "Pastiche", by Shivaan Makker (USA)

1. "Gon, the little fox", by Takeshi Yashiro (Japan)

1. "Driftwood Episode Two", by Darren Campo (USA)

1. "Time Stamped 64", by Jennifer Treur (Australia)

1. "Failed State", by Brian Jackson (USA)

1. "The Shannon O'Brian Chronicles", by Jenness Rouse (USA)

1. "Quarantine Chronicles", by Quique Rivera Rivera (USA)

1. "Alaska Long Hunters", by Mark D. Rose (USA)
2. "
Nella casa di Dorothy", by Francesco A. Mondini (Italy)

1. "Psychology of Migration", by Ferhat Atik (Turkey)

1. "Erraiak", by Ekain Martinez de Lizarduy Stürtze (Spain)
2. "Growing Up Guide Pup", by Matthew Thomas Chapman (USA)

1. "The Honey Trapper - Season 2", by Felise Garcia (USA)

1. "It's Christmas", by Jason Brown (USA)

1. "The Burned Man", by Frédéric Roussel (Belgium)

1. "Love Thy Neighbour", by Nisha Kapoor, Deidre Jantjies (USA)
2. "Time Stamped 64", by Jennifer Treur (Australia)

1. "Living Dead Girl", by Becky Doyon (USA)

1. Mark D. Rose for "Alaska Long Hunters" (USA)

1. Shivaan Makker for "Pastiche" (USA)

1. Emilie Tommasi for "The Gliwensbourg Chronicles" (France)

1. Todd Royal for "Bloodlines" (USA)

1. Anna Bernardi for "Black Silence (The Last Night)" (Italy)
2. Jenness Rouse for "The Shannon O'Brian Chronicles" (USA) 

1. Michael Joseph Pierce for "Confession" (USA)
1. Felise Garcia for "The Honey Trapper - Season 2" (USA)

1. Xavier Thorton for "The Flower People" (USA)

1. Sara Arjun for "Paath ( The Lesson)" (India)

1. Michael Joseph Pierce, Alysia Ingrim for "Confession" (USA)

1. Hector Noas, Isael Yudexi de la Torre Mesa, Alejandro Palomino Infante, David Pérez Pérez for "Mambo Man" (Cuba)

1. Santosh Damodar Detake for "Paath ( The Lesson)" (India)

1. Luca Tassone for "Black Silence (The Last Night)" (Italy)

1. Francesco Liotard for "Dimmi chi sono" (Italy)
2. Soumen Paul for "The Stranger" (India)

1. Alberto Bellavia for "Time Stamped 64" (Australia)

1. "Handy", by Shaun Swift (USA)
2. "To Love, and Bear", by John Kearns (USA)

1. "Time Stamped 64", by Jennifer Treur (Australia)

1. Takeshi Yashiro for "Gon, the little fox" (Japan)

1. Nathalie Ven for "The Gliwensbourg Chronicles" (France)

1. Kelly Ampe, Mathilde Dhordain for "The Gliwensbourg Chronicles" (France)

1. Sara Freericks for "Pastiche" (USA)

1. Gino Tommasi for "The Gliwensbourg Chronicles" (France)

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