Saturday, May 08, 2021


We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the April contest (in alphabetical order).

1. "Honour (Metoometoo)", by Tamás Bori (Hungary)
2. "Scrivere un amore", by Mario Roccato (Italy)
3. "Stand up! Looking for love in all the wrong places", by Timo Jacobs (Germany)

1. "Backroad Bred", by Enrique Vazquez (USA)
2. "Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)", by Gabriel Da Silva (Switzerland)

1. "Putt", by Guy Taylor (UK)
2. "The Runner", by Mikyoung Soon (Republic of Korea)

1. "Living the Dream", by Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva (Russia)

1. "Can't Judge - 20XX", by Yuri Sasamoto (Japan)
1. "Fear", by Helen Polishuk (Canada)

1. "Courage", by Nourah Al Hasawi (USA)
2. "Roses are Blind", by Gui Agustini (USA)

1. "Dad", by Rob Lobosco (Australia)
2. "Gods", by Martin Munthe (Australia)

1. "A walk in the forest", by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)
2. "No Plan", by Katsuhide Yamago (Japan)

1. "Morella, my wife", by Alessandro C. Masella (Italy)

1. "Magnificent Beast", by Charles Wiedman (USA)

1. "The Fiendish Machinations of Lex Luthor", by Sam Locke (USA)

1. "Arizona 1878", by Manuel Olaya (Spain)

1. "Solitude", by Fabio Grossi (Italy)

1. "Cupid is not a terrorist", by Bellopropello (Switzerland)
2. "The Chair", by Ronnie Cramer (USA)
1. "The Unlost Homeland", by Eftychia Fragou (Greece)
2. "When the roads end", by Lorenzo Borghini (Italy)

1. "Ecstasy & Death: Keats and Shelley in Rome", by Nancy Rodgers (USA)

1. "Four Motherless Children", by Ralph Isenberg (USA)
2. "Voices - Between memories and pandemic", by Elena Della Giustina, Anna Trevisiol (Italy)

1. "I Am", by Laura Arten (USA)

1. "Silence", by Marci Mazzarotto (USA)
2. "Your Love", by Tianyou Tian (Canada)

1. "24 in 2020", by Camille DeBiase (USA)
2. "Ejection", by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)
3. "Telepathy", by Ann Isaac (Egypt)   

1. "Billy the Kid", by Stefano Del Brocco (Italy)
2. "The 211 Home", by James Huggins (USA)

1. "Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)", by Gabriel Da Silva (Switzerland)
2. "The Unlost Homeland", by Eftychia Fragou (Greece)
3. "Vertigo", by Becky Doyon (USA)

1. "Amaru Photography", by Amaru (Netherlands)

1. Johan Schyberg for "Gods" (Australia)

1. Gabriel Da Silva for "Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)" (Switzerland)
2. Alessandro C. Masella for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)
3. Timo Jacobs for "Stand up! Looking for love in all the wrong places" (Germany)

1. Nourah Al Hasawi for "Courage" (USA)
2. Laura Arten for "I Am" (USA)
3. Eftychia Fragou for "The Unlost Homeland" (Greece)

1. Rob Lobosco for "Dad" (Australia)
2. David Christopher for "Magnificent Beast" (USA)
3. Alessandro C. Masella for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)

1. Tanya Flynn for "Courage" (USA) 

1. Daniel Davis for "Roses are Blind" (USA)
1. Chiara Della Rossa for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)

1. Katsuhide Yamago for "No Plan" (Japan) 

1. Lani Hirst for "Dad" (Australia)
2. Alba for "Milas Tagebuch (Milas Diary)" (Switzerland)
3. Melissa Maggi for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)

1. Rob Lobosco, Lani Hirst for "Dad" (Australia)
2. Gianluca Conversano, Alessandro Carradori for "Solitude" (Italy)

1. Alessandro C. Masella, Chiara Della Rossa, Melissa Maggi for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)

1. Anatoly Ivanov for "Courage" (USA) 

1. Alejandra Gonzalez Castillo for "I Am" (USA)
2. Christina Vamvaka for "The Unlost Homeland" (Greece)

1. Tom Gambale for "24 in 2020" (USA) 
1. Matthew Carlton for "Roses are Blind" (USA)
2. Germano Mazzocchetti for "Solitude" (Italy)
3. Evanthia Reboutsika for "The Unlost Homeland" (Greece)

1. "Death Offers Life - Last Moments of Vincent Van Gogh", by Madhu R. (India)
2. "S.T.A.N.E", by Frank Mancuso (USA)
3. "The Projectionist", by Michael Dean (USA)

1. Stefano Del Brocco for "Billy the Kid" (Italy) 

1. Manuel Olaya, Ana Muñoz, Ana Belén Olaya, Leonardo Giménez for "Arizona 1878" (Spain)
2. Mariagiovanna Stallo for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)

1. Linda Hand, Grazia Palamaro for "Morella, my wife" (Italy) 

1. Domenico Colella, Matteo Perico for "Morella, my wife" (Italy)

1. "Haboob Wind", by Tommy Anderson (USA)
2. "L'invidioso", by Davide Trumino (Italy)
3. "The Bamboo Flute", by Cade Murphy (USA)

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