Tuesday, October 05, 2021


We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the September contest (in alphabetical order).

1. "Pierre & Jeanne", by Clémentine Célarié (France)
2. "The 211 Home", by Jim Huggins (USA)

1. "Minus five", by Rustem Dastanuly (Kazakhstan)
2. "Tears of Guilt", by Daniel Harrington (USA)

1. "L'uomo con il globo in mano", by Alessandro Tesei (Italy)
2. "No Fitness - No Love", by Yuri Maslak, Olga Tugaeva (Russia)
3. "Sweet Dreams", by Massimo Pibiri (France)

1. "Only love matters", by Kamran Qureshi (UK)
1. "When the Ticking Stops", by Barbara Spevack (UK)

1. "Fifty - The Origin", by Miguel R.M, Fredy C.R. (Spain)

1. "Cognition", by Ravi Ajit Chopra (UK)

1. "The Death of an Artist", by Songhuan Li (USA)

1. "Apocalypse", by Roberto Loiacono (Italy)
2. "Dreaming Hollywood", by Frank Martinez (USA)

1. "Ravage", by Michael Moutsatsos (USA)

1. "What happens during ovulation", Maria Milusha (Italy)

1. "Spin", by Lisa Marie Tedesco (USA)

1. "Smithy", by Xi Chen (UK)

1. "Committed to the Craft - The Story of Global Filmz", by Nathan "Taupez" Scinto (USA)
2. "Hearts Road", by Colin Finlay (USA)
3. "Niños Maya", by Veronica Succi (Italy)

1. "Endsars: Lekki Massacre", by Chidozie C. Ahaiwe, Famous Odion Iraoya (Nigeria)
2. "In the footsteps of Willie Sutton", by Rich Gold (USA)
3. "The Zone", by Paolo Maggi (Italy)

1. "Les filles de Sète (Sète Girls)", by Andrés Ribagorda, Pablo Jimeno (Spain)
2. "The Traditional Brazilian Family Katu", by Rodrigo Sena (Brazil)

1. "Legends", by Danny Alex (USA)
2. "Pasquale l'alieno", by Vincenzo Pezone (Italy)

1. "Julian Brooks - Snakebite", by Tim Cash, Irie Adina (USA)
2. "Losing You", by Rose Alice, Aneka Manners, Martins Dabolins (Australia)
3. "Sunshades", by Linus von Stumberg (Switzerland)

1. "Focal by Parallax", by Peter Renzullo (Australia)
2. "Human Condition", by Aneka Manners, Rose Alice (Australia)

1. "Apocalypse", by Roberto Loiacono (Italy)
2. "Cognition", by Ravi Ajit Chopra (UK)

1. "Don't Touch Your Face 2", by Becky Doyon (USA)
2. "Jongom", by Sharmistha Mitra Chakraborty (India)

1. "Pierre & Jeanne", by Clémentine Célarié (France)

1. Ravi Ajit Chopra, Colin Goudie, Michael Wood, Michael R. Demmerle, Zhe Zhang, John Lesand, Zein Kurdi, Rob van den Bragt, Adom Frempong, Andrew Masanto, David Sheldon Hicks, Patrick Spreng, Chris Swney for "Cognition" (UK)
2. Matthieu Rubin for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
3. Jim Huggins, Jeff Schneider, Leslee Huggins, Abel Martinez for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Roberto Loiacono for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. Ravi Ajit Chopra for "Cognition" (UK)
3. Michael Moutsatsos for "Ravage" (USA)
4. Jim Huggins for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Sharmistha Mitra Chakraborty for "Jongom" (India)
2. Kamran Qureshi for "Only love matters" (UK)
3. Clémentine Célarié for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
4. Lisa Marie Tedesco for "Spin" (USA)

1. Jeremy Irvine for "Cognition" (UK)
2. Andrei Amarov for "Icon" (UK)
3. Loris Freeman for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
4. Nick Dent for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Cristina Palermo for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. Elodie Godart for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
3. Sharonne Lanier for "The 211 Home" (USA)
4. Barbara Spevack for "When the Ticking Stops" (UK)

1. Andrew Scott for "Cognition" (UK)
2. Philippe Uchan for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
3. Michael Gantt for "The 211 Home" (USA)
1. Lucy Russell for "Cognition" (UK)
2. Clémentine Célarié for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
3. Amy Day for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Milo Panni for "Cognition" (UK)

1. Ludovica D'Antona for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. Yana Derlish for "No Fitness - No Love" (Russia)
3. Kaylee Wootan for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Mario Cellini, Lucio Barbati for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. Courtney St. Gelais, Sierra Berkeley Fisher for "Spin" (USA)
3. Daria Sarmientos, Derek MCalister for "The Death of an Artist" (USA)

1. Andrew Scott, Jeremy Irvine, Wolf Kahler, Lucy Russell, Milo Panni, Gia Lily, Prince Aius Osi, Damol Onadeko for "Cognition" (UK)
2. Loris Freeman, Elodie Godart, Clémentine Célarié, Philippe Uchan, Tom Leeb, Sergi Lopez for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
3. Sharonne Lanier, Nick Dent, Michael Gantt, Dan Guajardo, Amy Day, Kaylee Wootan for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Vincent Le Borgne for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
2. David Ruzieka for "Spin" (USA)
3. Meng Zhang, Shaoxin Wang for "The Death of an Artist" (USA)

1. Roberto Loiacono for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. David Shaw, Lea Marie Heller for "Spin" (USA)
3. Jim Huggins, Jeffrey Schneider for "The 211 Home" (USA)

1. Roberto Loiacono for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. Martin Lanot, Samy Bardet, Xavier Bonneyrat, Thierry Lebon for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)

1. David Feslyian for "Apocalypse" (Italy)
2. Gustave Reichert for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
3. Fadi Awad for "Till the end" (Canada)
4. Linus von Stumberg for "Sunshades" (Switzerland)

1. "Brain Swap", by Gini Graham Scott (USA)
2. "Pierre & Jeanne", by Clémentine Célarié (France)
3. "Spin", by Lisa Marie Tedesco (USA)

1. John Gallie, Andrea Tedeschi, Richard Gomes, Rob Van Den Bragt, Steven Gomez for "Cognition" (UK) 

1. Heidi Miller for "Cognition" (UK)
2. Séverine Cales for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)

1. Cecilia David, Laura Salvatorelli for "L'uomo con il globo in mano" (Italy)
2. Nicola Sturrock for "When the Ticking Stops" (UK)

1. Melayni Gracia for "Ravage" (USA) 

1. Isabelle Lawson for "Pierre & Jeanne" (France)
2. David Shaw for "Spin" (USA)

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