Saturday, December 05, 2020


We are extremely proud to announce the winners for the November contest (in alphabetical order).

1. "Am Rande der Zeiten", by Jörg Reichlin (Switzerland)

1. "Bathtub Chronicles", Rebecca Ruhm (USA)
2. "Jessica: Part Two", by Bilal Hussain (Denmark)

1. "Put Your F--king Phone Down", by Jordan Rockwell (USA)
1. "July 15th", by Kristian Comer (USA)
1. "Downstairs", by Luciano Ivanov (Bulgaria)
2. "Rites", by Ulbrecht Tomas (USA)
1. "The Puzzle", by Davide Melini (Italy)

1. "Face to Face", by Valerie Knill (Germany)

1. "The Fixer", by Michael Schilf (USA)

1. "The Deal", by Joe Sherry (UK)

1. "Senior Discount'd", by Jay Pennington, Gerry Olert (USA)

1. "Courageous Mice", by Sara García, Miriam García (Spain)

1. "Do you think God loves immigrant kids, mom?", by Rena Lusin Bitmez (Turkey)

1. "Australian Dreams", by Andrea Natale (Italy)

1. "Common Good Comedy Show - The Plan", by Adrian Hashimi (USA)

1. "Quatro Estações", by Carlos Coelho Costa (Portugal)

1. "Eternal", by Dion Johnson, Mark Pirrie (UK)
2. "Night Fall", by Jr Micheal (USA)

1. "Courageous Mice", by Sara García, Miriam García (Spain)

1. "Dead Silence", by Becky Doyon (USA) 

1. Jörg Reichlin, Hans Schellenberg, Uwe Schwarzwalder for "Am Rande der Zeiten" (Switzerland)

1. Davide Melini for "The Puzzle" (USA)

1. Valerie Knill for "Face to Face" (Germany)
2. Michael Schilf for "The Fixer" (USA)

1. Jörg Reichlin for "Am Rande der Zeiten" (Switzerland)
2. Jay Pennington for "Senior Discount'd" (USA)
3. Danny Trejo for "The Fixer" (USA)

1. Cachito Noguera for "The Puzzle" (Italy)

1. Uwe Schwarzwalder for "Am Rande der Zeiten" (Switzerland)
2. Alessandro Fornari for "The Puzzle" (Italy)
1. Luciana Lambert for "Rites" (USA) 

1. Nadja Dalgaard, Youssef Agerbo Halabi for "Jessica: Part Two" (Denmark)
2. J. David Brimmer, Kristian Comer for "July 15th" (USA)

1. Franchesca Valdez, Sean Harrison, Wilson Aldas for "As I Die" (USA)

1. Ezekiel Montes for "The Puzzle" (Italy) 

1. Jessica Marcela Torres for "As I Die" (USA)
2. Chloe Ketone for "Put Your F--king Phone Down" (USA) 

1. Hristo Dobrev for "Downstairs" (Bulgaria)
1. Ian Brown for "As I Die" (USA)
2. Nicoline Hammer Johnsen for "
Jessica: Part Two" (Denmark)

1. "Duty", by Anthony Ford (UK)
2. "Padre", by Ian Davies (USA)
3. "New Moon 5280 - Ep. 1: Big Blind", by Dean Harakas (USA)

1. Daniel García for "Courageous Mice" (Spain)

1. Alan Ostrander for "Rites" (USA)

1. Fundus Caspar for "Am Rande der Zeiten" (Switzerland)

1. Bobby Frank Ledger for "Bathtub Chronicles"

1. Alexx Kesh for "Bathtub Chronicles" (USA)

1. "My all drama", by Teresa Kristi Abboud (Lebanon)

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